Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Install HTML Email Signature for Google GMail

If you want to install an HTML email signature into your Gmail, I've got you covered. GMail users are in luck as the installation process is very straight forward and simple. Assuming that you have an HTML email signature already created, follow the 4 easy steps below to get your great looking email signature installed.  If you don’t have an HTML email signature, contact me, and I'll create one for you at a small cost.

Step 1: Open your HTML file

Drag your HTML email signature file into your browser.  If I created your HTML email signature, then use the link I sent you.  For this example, I used Chrome but you can use any browser you want. 

Step 2: Copy Signature

Select (Command+A) your entire signature design and then Copy (Command+C).  On browsers where you cannot select the content by highlighting it, go to Edit > Select All and then Edit > Copy. 

Step 3: Open Gmail Settings

In Gmail, you will see a Machine Bearing icon on the upper right hand side of the screen.  In the drop down menu, go to Settings.

Step 4: Paste HTML Content and Save

Under the General tab in Settings, scroll down until you find the Signature section.  Click inside the Signature edit box and go to Edit > Paste (Command+V) to paste in the HTML you have stored in the clipboard. Click "Save Changes" below the Signature edit box.

Summing Up

Thats it!  You are all done!  If you run into any problems installing your HTML email signature into your Gmail account, then let me know by writing in the comments section.  I'll do my best to help.  I hope this quick tutorial is helpful to you.

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